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French at Creswell Junior School 
!Bonjour et bienvenue à la section française du site de l'école!
  Hello and welcome to the French section of the School Website!


At Creswell Junior School, we are proud to offer French as part of your child's programme of study. Learning by listening to, reading, writing, and speaking French allows children to experience the language and culture of our nearest neighbours.

French is taught in all year groups throughout the school, with a wide range of topics covered. Learning a second language from a young age has proven extremely effective. Our aim is that by the time our children leave in Year 6, they will have mastered basic French conversation, and be fully prepared for their language learning in secondary school.

What is covered in each year group?
Year 3
Moi, games and songs, celebrations - birthdays, French portraits, growing things, Four Friends – quatre aime.
Year 4 
All aboard, tell me a story!, our sporting lives, carnival of animals, what is the weather like?
Year 5
Healthy eating, I am the music man, on the way to school, beach scene, the return of spring, the planets. 
Year 6
Hello/goodbye, school, timetables.