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At Creswell Junior School we pride ourselves with our music experiences and opportunities. Children take part in choir competitions, all children learn how to play at least one instrument, provided by Derbyshire Music Services, children also have to opportunity to take part in Young Voices! 
As well as this, we have our own choir, weekly singing assemblies, a large annual production, Christmas concerts and much much more...
What is covered in each year group
Year 3 
Simple notation, pulse, beat, ostinato, melody, Isle of Tune Rhythm and tune combined, Combining sounds Illustrate mood and emotion, Listen to a range of music, Untuned instruments and notation, Composing – create a theme for a programme.
Year 4 
 Composition, Young Voices,  Instruments – Wider Opportunities.
Year 5 
 Composition, Outdoor Adventures Invasion games, Viking songs Vocal Technique, Performance – using different instruments, Appraisal, Composition.
Year 6 
 Vocal techniques, composing, Standard notation / Music Hal