Our curriculum

Our Curriculum 



Here is our curriculum overview for 2016-2017

Our curriculum is designed by the children, for the children. How many schools actually stand back and listen to the children; to find out what they would like to learn? How many schools allow the children to ask the questions on subjects that really interest them? Our children can!
They get to ask and answer questions; learn about subjects and topics that they have chosen and that can be adapted and developed weekly. Our children know that they can suggest changes and enhancements to what they are being taught. Our curriculum is designed so thoroughly that we can give our children the opportunities to choose, but still teach them the fundamental skills that are needed to become life-long learners.
"Teachers regularly capture the interest and enthusiasm of pupils.  This is partly to an exciting range of subjects and activities in which pupils make choices about their learning"  OFSTED January 2013
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Please see our current topic outlines for each year group below. 

PDF files show the coverage of each subject in each term. Download to view them! 

Each term your child will bring home a Topic Pracis. This will outline everything that we are covering in that particular term.
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