Parent survey results - You Said, We Did

Parent survey  -  You Said, We Did
On a regular basis we send out surveys and questionnaires to parents, pupils and staff on a range of topics.
Please see some of the results below. 
You Said
You don't know how to contact the Governing Body should you need to 
You don't understand the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body
You disagree that you receive valuable information from the school about your child's progress
You disagree that your child receives age appropriate homework for their age
You don't know if the school responds well to any concerns that you raise    
We Did 
Contact details for the Governing Body are always available by asking at reception and also on the website 
Each governor has a specific role and responsibility towards school improvement; they are each allocated to a link member of the teaching staff - see handout for details
The school offers parents' meetings on three occasions throughout the academic year to discuss strengths, targets for improvement and behaviour
Children are given weekly homework allowing them the opportunity to practise and embed skills learned in the proceeding week. The homework should be tailored to the child's ability. 
School do take on board your comments and we endeavour to deal with them quickly and appropriately and give you updates via personal phone calls, newsletters and text.