Creswell Junior School

Creswell Junior School

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Core Values

Core Values

We asked our parnets for Core Values that they feel are most important for their children to have.  We collated the results and we have chosen eight Core Values that, as a school, we will work towards.  Staff in school will be rewarding children with Epraise points when they notice your child displaying a particular Core Value.

Creswell Junior School Core Values

Creswell Junior School Core Values


We are Respectful

  • We are polite.
  • We listen to others and discuss ideas.
  • We always talk calmly.
  • We are all individuals and respect differences.


We are Honest and Trustworthy

  • We always tell the truth.
  • We play games fairly.
  • We are loyal to our friends.


We Care

  • We are kind to others.
  • We care about our school.
  • We say 'no' to racism and bullying.
  • We share our smiles.


We are Hardworking

  • We are motivated.
  • We make sure all our work is good quality.
  • We persevere when we find things difficult.
  • We always try our best.


We have a voice

  • We contribute to class discussions.
  • Understand that our ideas and opinions matter.
  • We have a say in what happens in our school.


We are Resilient

  • We set goals and work towards them.
  • We use our initiative and know how to solve problems or who to go to for help.
  • We understand that mistakes are part of learning and that failure can lead to strength.


We are Positive

  • We aim high and never give up.
  • We are determined.
  • We have a goal and go for it!
  • We aim to be the best we can.


We are Co-operative

  • We participate fully and include others.
  • We discuss ideas and try to agree.
  • We encourage our team mates.
  • We work together and get better together.
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