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Creswell Junior School

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum

At Creswell Junior School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that motivates and enthuses children's attitudes towards learning. Our curriculum raises aspirations and opens children’s eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment. This enables our children to live happy, healthy and productive lives and inspires our children to reach their full potential. The curriculum focuses on the children’s development of knowledge and skills across all subjects and ensures that they are ready for their next stage of their academic journey.

At Creswell, we ensure that skills and knowledge are progressive with an emphasis on children retaining the key facts that they have been taught. The physical development, wellbeing and mental health of our children is of paramount importance and is evident throughout our whole curriculum. As a school, we are proud of our highly inclusive environment. This has recently been recognised by gaining the Inclusion Quality Mark for the second time. Our children embrace the strong community spirit and our curriculum encourages links within our local area.

Those who are most able are challenged by the curriculum we offer, encouraging them to expand their skills and knowledge through varied learning opportunities. Those who find learning more difficult, including those with SEND, are encouraged and given targeted support to embed skills, to develop at their own pace and to learn in a style that best suits their individual needs. We feel that is essential for our children to provide them with experiences to create memories that last a lifetime.

Our school ethos, together with our curriculum, promotes achievement, confidence and good behaviour. Through our PSHE and whole school assemblies we promote attitudes which reflect the values and skills needed for life-long success. We are proud that the children leave Creswell Junior School with a sense of belonging, having developed the confidence and skills needed to be learners in life.


"The curriculum, and the way it is organised, engages and fascinates pupils, making them want to learn. The thematic approach helps pupils to explore different subjects in greater depth, broaden their horizons and find out about life within and beyond the United Kingdom. Visits to different places of worship help them learn about other religions and cultures; the recent residential visit to France gave older pupils a chance to experience aspects of life in another country. Personal, social and health education is woven through the curriculum themes and is underpinned by the school’s core values." OFSTED June 2017


Curriculum Overviews

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