Creswell Junior School

Creswell Junior School

'A jewel in the community', Ofsted 2023

Elmton Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 4JD


Message from the head

Message from the head

A message from Mrs Pymm


Creswell Junior School has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where the every child is valued. All the staff, parents, governors are committed to working together to ensure every child reaches their potential.

We are continuously adapting our curriculum to ensure that we interest all of our children and involve them as fully as possible in their learning. Our curriculum supports children in becoming confident and independent learners. 

We want our children to be excited about coming to school and to love learning; to be motivated, enthusiastic, and challenged; to know that success is in each and every one of them and comes as a result of their own effort: this is paramount. We endeavor to provide our children with the belief that they can improve and learn, and to be delighted and proud of their many achievements.

We believe however, that in order for children to achieve their best, there needs to be a really positive co-operation between home and school. We really value the relationships that exist between home and school and seek to involve the parents and carers as much as possible, not just in their child’s education, but in the work of the school in general.

We do encourage you to let us know if you have any concerns or worries or simply are not sure about something. Finally, on behalf of all those involved in our school I would like to warmly welcome you into our school community. 

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