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Omegle concerns

Omegle concerns


There has been national and local concerns raised with regards to child sexual exploitation and the app/website Omegle. Please be aware that a site is becoming popular with pupils. It is a chat room site (like skype) where children are connected to random webcams where no user registration is required. Users are randomly paired with a stranger to chat/video within seconds of logging onto the website. Children’s Services and Derbyshire Police have received information that people, older males in particular, are misusing the site, causing great distress to younger people. We have had reports of this happening in our area, effecting our community and our children.


Your child has limited control over who they speak to on Omegle, as other people can be invited into the group without your child’s permission. It is not unusual for children to see highly adult content on the site. Our advice would be to not use Omegle at all. Sexual predators use a great range of techniques to be able to infiltrate children’s chat rooms. Please keep talking to your child about internet safety. We will continue to promote e-safety and internet safety throughout the school.


The police will be discussing internet safety with children in Years 4, 5 and 6 on the 18th May.

There will also be a parents meeting at 2pm on Thursday 19th May with the police and the safeguarding team. At the meeting you will learn more about internet safety, the issues with websites such as Omegle and how to keep your children safe online.


If you have any concerns of this nature, please let us know as soon as possible:

Email: or by filling out one of the concerns forms in reception. The concerns can also be reported to CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) by visiting their website:


We will inform students in school about the safety issues around using this particular app/website in assemblies in the coming days.

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