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Real PE – St. Matthew's Primary School, Luton



At Creswell Junior School, we recognise the value and positive impact physical education (PE) has on the holistic development of our pupils. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires and raises the aspirations of the pupils and meets the needs of all pupils though fun, safe, high-quality lessons.

P.E lessons are taught in their own right at a minimum of one session per week, and two sessions per week where possible. These lessons are taught through the scheme ‘Real PE’, which provides our teachers with planned lessons that encapsulate all areas of the National Curriculum and ensures lessons are progressive and develop the children’s knowledge and skills building on pupil’s prior knowledge. Opportunities to learn subject specific language that stretch their vocabulary is also offered. The scheme allows for clear differentiation, meaning the specific needs of all pupils (including the most able pupils and pupils with SEND) is met through a range of activities in lesson. These activities are completed in both individual and team situations to allow for co-operation and collaboration, as well as allowing opportunities to track and evidence pupil’s individual targets and those against the National Curriculum. 

Positive attitudes surrounding physical activity and leading a healthy lifestyle are encouraged and integrated where possible in other curriculum areas and throughout school life (such as break, lunch and assemblies). Our pupils have opportunities to compete in both competitive and non-competitive sport and activity that help build character and confidence, embedding our school’s core values such as fairness, respect, resilience and teamwork. Active break and lunch times with a personal challenge element add to the physical activity the pupils are involved in. Regular lessons supporting the development of the mental health and wellbeing of pupils are also taught alongside physically active lessons.

Swimming expectations are covered throughout school by a trained teacher (including water safety). 



At Creswell Junior School, we use the Real PE scheme to provide our pupils with high-quality lessons. These lessons meet the expectations of the National Curriculum and are accessed by teaching staff via an online portal. Each half-term the pupils access a different multi-ability: Personal, Social, Cognitive, Creative, Physical or Health & Fitness. These multi-abilities are designed to develop pupils’ holistic growth. The learning objective of each lesson is based on the multi-ability focus of the half-term, rather than an ability-based objective – this means that each lesson is able to promote success for each pupil, regardless of experience and existing ability.    

Term 1 – Personal
Term 2 – Social
Term 3 – Cognitive
Term 4 – Creative
Term 5 – Physical
Term 6 – Health & Fitness

Term 1 – Cognitive
Term 2 – Creative
Term 3 – Social
Term 4 – Physical
Term 5 – Health & Fitness
Term 6 – Personal

Lessons are made up of a ‘Warm-up’, ‘Skill’ or ‘Game’, Skill Application’ and ‘Review’.

The Real PE scheme doesn’t use ‘recognised sports’ (such as football and netball). Instead, the scheme uses a varied approach with games and activities (‘Skill’ or ‘Game’) that link to skills that will be needed in recognised sports and are working to objectives based on the multi-ability focus of the half-term. This set-up allows every pupil to begin at a similar starting point, improving confidence and helping to break down preconceptions of particular sports/activities.
The ‘Skill Application’ part of the lesson allows for pupils to work towards targets in agility, balance and coordination.
The ‘Review’ gives pupils the opportunity to assess both their and other pupils’ learning and progress against the lesson’s clear success criteria (this is achieved using a variety of methods, including a traffic light system and awarded badges).  

Lessons are differentiated appropriately to allow pupils to be supported in the correct manner - FUNS Stations are used to do this. Pupils are able to identify the most appropriate FUNS Station for them to enable them to be supported/challenged while developing resilience, passion and independent skills.  

The scheme is designed to be progressive over the duration of their KS2 journey. Each year builds upon previous knowledge and moves learning along to enable pupils to meet at least the expected standard by the end of Y6.

Swimming lessons are also taught by qualified swimming coaches at a local swimming pool with the intention of pupils being able to swim a minimum of 25m by the end of Y6.



The progressive nature of this programme enables pupils to be able to work at the expected standard in P.E by the end of Y6. We aim to equip our pupils with the qualities they will need to be successful in sports, games and physical activities as they move through KS2 and into KS3. These qualities are transferable to other areas of life, and focus on assisting our pupils to become creative thinkers, independent learners and effective communicators. The Real PE scheme provides teachers with an assessment tool, meaning progress can be tracked across each year and ensure learning is purposeful.

It is our aim to ensure all pupils understand the importance of leading a healthy life, where they feel able to engage in physical activity. We believe that there is a physical activity that will suit each and every pupil, and so we are constantly offering the pupils opportunities to be involved in varying after-school provision, as well as both competitive and non-competitive activities, so they can find the activities that engage and enthuse them.


Real P.E Showcase

Below is a video produced and published by 'Create Development' showcasing 'Real P.E' lessons... 

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