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At Creswell Junior School we pride ourselves with our music experiences and opportunities. Children take part in choir competitions, all children learn how to play at least one instrument, provided by Derbyshire Music Services, children also have to opportunity to take part in Young Voices! 
As well as this, we have our own choir, weekly singing assemblies, a large annual production, Christmas concerts and much much more...


Year 3

Playing untuned instruments (glockenspiels) and composing simple rhythms, singing and using actions, classroom performances, identifying beat, rhythm, speed, volume or melody, identifying instruments, identifying the parts of a song.



Year 4

Singing in parts/ rounds, composition (including new lyrics or instruments), performing to an audience in a group (Young Voices), playing an instrument – Wider Opportunities (rolling program of djembe drums, flute and ukulele), identifying timbre, texture, metre, duration and dynamics, identify the structure of a song (including rests/ silences), identify the mood of a song.



Year 5

Sing in rounds (Harry Potter themed music), composition (including new lyrics or instruments), performance – using different instruments, recording performances using technology, recognise a range of instruments and musical traditions and sing different styles of songs, different musical notation.


Year 6

Composition in a particular style (e.g. folk music) and improve compositions, singing in parts to communicate moods and meanings of different songs, performing from memory, exploring

scales/ chords/ harmony, understand dynamics/ tempo, lead or conduct a performance, identify phrasing/ melody/ harmony/ dynamics/ metre/ tempo, compare music from different countries/times

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